Word Ninjas Live

Word Ninjas Live is a weekly live-stream of various writers discussing the trials and tribulations involved in achieving literary productivity. Discussions range from various talking points, occasional interviews with authors, and weekly goals to push ourselves in long-term projects.

We stream via our YouTube channel, every Wednesday at 7:30 PM EST. It is then linked below, with the show notes of guests and links to the writing prompts for that week.

If you’re interested in being a guest on the podcast, please email us at WordNinja@FCWriters.com.

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Word Ninjas Live 115: Let’s Talk NaNo

Welcome to episode 115 of Word Ninjas Live! Join us as we discuss NaNoWriMo, other creative challenges, all of the book bundles, and more! (more…)

Word Ninjas Live 114: Let’s Do the Time Warp!

Welcome to episode 114 of Word Ninjas Live. This week we’re discussing the complexities of temporal mechanics. Along with news, updates, and more. (more…)

Not Suitable for Word Ninjas #30: Rolls of the Dice

The crew relax after In-Con-Ceivable with some friendly games and spiked tea. What could go wrong?

Word Ninjas Live 113: Let’s Play Matchmaker

Welcome to episode 113 of Word Ninjas Live. This week we’re discussing how to handle pairings, whether all OCs or mixing with others’ characters. Along with news, updates, and whatever else we come up with. (more…)

Word Ninjas Live 112: The Fan Service Episode

Welcome to episode 112 of Word Ninjas Live. This week we’re discussing the complexities of fan service and just what its place is in modern culture. (more…)

Word Ninjas Live 111: Controversy, Squicks, and Triggers! Oh My!!!

Welcome to episode 111 of Word Ninjas Live! Please note that this week, we’re discussing the differences between controversial content and triggering content, and how to handle that respectively in our writing. Also our regular other segments. (more…)

Word Ninjas Live 110: Hartford Comic Con Review

Welcome to episode 11o of Word Ninjas Live! This week we’re discussing Hartford Comic Con – the good, bad, and other. Also recent news and updates. (more…)

Word Ninjas Live 109: Formatting Resources

Welcome to episode 109 of Word Ninjas Live, where we discuss various formats and software for writing. (more…)

Not Suitable for Word Ninjas #29: Childhood Memories

The crew discusses some pleasant, and some not so pleasant, memories from their childhoods, as well as all the things Charles has missed out on.

Word Ninjas Live 108: Full Time Writers

Welcome to Word Ninjas Live #108! This week we’re discussing artists who juggle full-time jobs amidst their creative endeavors, the latest news, and more! (more…)