Game Break!

Game Break: Will Plays “BioShock2”, Part III

The hunt for Adam begins as Subject Delta delves into the ruins of Ryan Amusements in search of a Little Sister to lend him a hand. Along the way, we learn about more about Ryan’s view of the surface, and Lamb’s view of Ryan’s Rapture.


Game Break: Charles Plays “World End Economica”, Part XII

Yoshi/Hal goes on an adventure into the outside world, on the hunt for answers and solutions to his Hagana problems. Tune in to see just who he meets along the way and just how much moon parkour will it take to evade Hagana’s notice?


Game Break: Will Plays “BioShock 2”, Part II

Subject Delta continues his search for young Eleanor as he learns more about himself, his connection to the young girl, and the mysterious plans of Dr. Sofia Lamb.


Game Break: Charles Plays “Everlasting Summer”, Part VIII

After being abandoned in an abandoned mine under an abandoned bomb shelter under and abandoned cabin, we get to figure out just how to get un-abandoned. Preferably without another crowbar to the face if possible.

Game Break: Will Plays “BioShock 2”, Part I

We take a trip back to Rapture some eight years later to see how things have been, and unravel more mysteries in the underwater city. This time we see through the eyes of an unusual Big Daddy, as he searches for his Little Sister.


Game Break: Charles Plays World End Economica, Part XI

We make peace with Hagana…kinda sorta maybe? We also get a visit from Mr. Toyama, who lays down some surprising tidbits of wisdom upon Hal. Check out this week’s episode to see just how that goes down.

And this is the first episode in our evolving style of covering games. They’ll be shorter episodes with more commentary afterwards of the story, characters, gameplay and anything else that catches our eyes and ears while playing.

Game Break: Charles Plays “Everlasting Summer”, Part VII

We continue our search for the missing Shurik, which leads to some…unexpected developments with Lena. And we test the theory of how many rights does it take to make a wrong. I mean left.


Game Break: Will Plays “Rayman Legends”

Will takes a break from the longer series to show off the creative fun of Rayman Legends. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the zany fun.


Charles Plays “World End Economica”, Part X

Hal/Yoshi tries to square things up with Hagana after last week’s misunderstanding at that clothes shop. And we get to have sandwiches in the process! It’s a win/win.

Calvin Plays “Monument Valley: Forgotten Shores”, Part III (THE FINALE!)

Calvin, with the help of our silent protagonist, Princess Ida, traverses the ins, outs, twists, turns and blatant disregard for physics and the Cartesian coordinate system to bring his journey through the Forgotten Shores to an exciting and very satisfying conclusion.