Game Break!

Game Break: Will Plays “BioShock 2”, Part XII

Things start to get more intense as Delta fights his way through Dionysus Park, Sophia Lamb’s old home. But a new player blocks their path, wanting to make a deal in exchange for allowing us access even deeper into Rapture. Is this a new partnership, or just another inevitable betrayal?

Game Break: Charles Plays “World End Economica”, Part XVII

Hal and Hagana tackle more moon finances in today’s episode. Not only do we actually get to do some trading, but we even have a relatively peaceful conversation with Hagana. With Hagana! I know, right?!


Game Break: Will Plays “BioShock 2”, Part XI

Subject Delta finally makes his way to the Temple of the Lamb and confronts Father Simon Wales. Things get messy, and then they get very wet as we work to gain access to Dionysus Park and continue our quest to rescue Eleanor.


Game Break: Charles Plays “Everlasting Summer”, Part XIII

Semyon meets a new pioneer. His new friend is all sorts of fun. And raises a good dozen more questions than we already had before day six. I dunno about this new pioneer, something doesn’t quite seem right here…


Game Break: Will Plays “BioShock 2”, Part X

The exploration of Siren Alley continues, and takes a dark, melancholy turn when Subject Delta visits The Little Sister Orphanage. But there are no big smiles left in that forlorn place.


Game Break: Charles Plays “World End Economica”, Part XVI

Let’s get down to business, to defeat…the Huns…I mean…defeat the Lunar Stock Exchange. ‘Cause moon politics. Hal and Hagana discuss more of just how to go about this financial challenge.


Game Break: Will Plays “BioShock 2”, Part IX

Delta gets caught in a family dispute between the brothers Wales, with Sofia Lamb pulling the strings from the shadows. Can he befriend even one of them, or will it just be more blood in the water?


Game Break Charles Play Everlasting Summer XII

Semyon acquired cake materials and then took a nap last week. Let’s see about actually having some of that pastry, and for the love of robotic cat people can we please learn what is going on in this pioneer camp already?!


Game Break: Will Plays “BioShock 2”, Part VIII

With Grace Holloway dealt with Delta continues his journey through Rapture. But an explosive detour sends him off towards Siren Alley to meet the reverent Father Wales.

Game Break: Charles Plays “World End Economica”, Part XV

Last week, we managed to convince Lisa to try Operation: Move the Plot Along Already. Now…we have to tackle Hagana. Figuratively anyway. Get ready for a lesson or two in just how do stocks work anyway.