What have you been reading lately? Below are various reviews and opinions of what our staff and members have been reading lately and believe are worth sharing.

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Interview with Tom Morrison

Charles interviews Tom Morrison, author of “How to Get People to Scream Your Name and Beg for More” to discuss his book and ways to start living the life you want to live.


Interview with Charles Connor

“Little Richard was the architect of Rock and Roll, I was the brick layer.” Charles interviews legendary drummer Charles Connor at BookExpo America 2015 as they discuss his new book chronicling his life and music career, and talk about a few notable events, including his time as Little Richard’s original drummer.




RICC 2014 Videos

Rhode Island Comic Con 2014 Booth Setup Time Lapse Rhode Island Comic Con 2014 Interview with Vic Mignogna  


RICC 2014 – Con Story

One liners from attendees: He told me that cigarettes taste awful, meanwhile he likes strawberries. The problem being I am allergic to strawberries. But not bananas. I came with my son, and he is the son of a nerd. Sometimes I wonder if he knows the truth about his conception. it was cold in that…


Rhode Island Comic Con!

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