Word Ninjas Live 116: The Heroes’ Journey

Welcome to episode 116 of Word Ninjas Live! This week, we’re discussing The Hero’s Journey, news, books, and more!

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Each week we bring various discussion topics, what if scenarios, and creative concepts that have arisen over the last week to rant/ramble/bring about.

Topic: Why is Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey such a prevalent story archetype? What’s your favorite hero’s journey?
Topic Leader: Charles

Will: Hard to say why the Hero’s Journey is so prevalent. Perhaps because it simple is able to connect to so many people, and so many different audiences? Who doesn’t enjoy reading of the trials and tribulations of a seemingly innocent and relatable fellow who then overcomes all obstacles to save the day, defeat some unsurmountable foe, and become known as a hero of legend? It’s the type of tale that appeals to all of us in one way or another.

I can think of so many Hero’s Journey stories I’ve read or seen, and it’s hard to choose one as a favorite. Of course I am going to bring up The Legacy of Drizzt, which seems to tell the tale over and over again through many novels and trilogies, while also telling one overarching tale throughout the entire series. I honestly keep thinking back to many Greek and Roman myths, however, such as the Odyssey, or the tales of Hercules, or Achilles.

The Hero’s Journey has been told in many different ways for thousands of years. For a narrative to last so successfully for so long, it’s hard to deny that there must be something truly compelling about it to us all.

Highlights Reel:

News / Articles:

  • #NaGrafWriMo?
    “We are launching #NaGrafWriMo in recognition of all the writers with jobs and family obligations, and those who just spend an ungodly amount of time on the Internet, who find it hard to read a whole book in a month, much less write one. But we are also embarking on this new program because we have found that, for most writers, it can take more talent, determination, and hard work to write one good paragraph than an entire lousy book.”
  • Amazon Opening a Bookstore
    “Amazon Books, as the new store is called, will be like any other Main Street bookstore (remember those?), except that Amazon will use the troves of data it collects from its online customers to stock the shelves. That means its book displays will feature real Amazon book reviews, and the store will showcase books that have amassed the most pre-orders online. The books will also come with Amazon’s trademark low price tags.”
  • Is Jar Jar Binks the true Sith Overlord?
    A fascinating theory of how one of Star Wars’ most…disappointing characters may have in fact been more powerful than you could possibly imagine.
  • How is a Simpsons episode made?
    From the concept pitch, to initial draft, to table read, voice recording, direction, storyboarding, story reels, revisions, layout, timers, planning, printing, consistency & fact checks, Akom, and final revisions – there’s a lot that goes into making each episode.


  • Story Bundle: Historical Fiction
    These stories blend real-world historical settings with romance, adventure, fantasy and mystery to bring you whole worlds of fun! You’ll visit ancient Egypt, the Americas, the Caribbean, Great Britain and Japan; you’ll meet pirates and warriors, witches and princesses, detectives, time-travelers and more.

Productivity & Inspiration Station:
Discuss any personal highlights and inspirations you wish to share.


  • Byline at work!
    • Reminds me of how to tell a story in flash fiction word count lengths
  • Inspired by Voice Acting Mastery Podcast and Mike Lenz Voice Podcast
    • Lots of great insight and tips – giving me ideas for next visual novel recordings and ideas for when I compile Ashen Skye for narration.


  • Started writing the next, and final, chapter of My Roommate’s A Stripper!?. I still can’t believe how far this story has come.
  • Got caught up with WNL audio editing. And edited down a great interview with “Alistair Book’s Review”.


  • 21.5 – 3 hour livestream: 15,111 words.
  • Delivered two major reports at work


  • WordCamp NYC Weekend


NaNoWriMo – November month long writing challenge

YourMiniCon 2016 – January 9-10 – Full crew as vendors and press

ConnectiCon 2016 – July 7-9 – Full crew as vendors

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