Word Ninjas Live 107: In-CON-Ceivable Review & Flash Fiction

Welcome to episode 107 of Word Ninjas Live! This week, we’re reviewing In-CON-Ceivable ’16, flash fiction, news, and more!

In-CON-Ceivable Review:

The Fun:

  • Catching up with old friends
  • Meeting new friends
  • Sunday night
  • Coffee runs!

The Complicated:

  • Wedding the same weekend
  • Taking best advantage of press badges
  • Health

The Unfortunate:

  • Missing out on hosting a panel (our fault!)
  • Missed a few panels for various reasons
  • Another strikeout for profit

Weekly Conversation Topics:

Each week we bring various discussion topics, what if scenarios, and creative concepts that have arisen over the last week to rant/ramble/bring about.

Topic: What compromises do you have to make in story to write flash fiction? (Audience submission)
Topic Leader: Charles
What constitutes “flash fiction” – length, depth of story/characters, etc.?
Techniques for having 3D characters in flash fiction?

CJ – I would think depth and complexity of story would be the compromises I’d make, primarily by trimming down on scenery descriptions and focusing more on dialogue to pull story forwards.

Calvin – As someone that has never written flash fiction, I cannot say for sure what I would/wouldn’t compromise for sure. Just from the “definition” of flash fiction, it’s a bit difficult in my opinion to try to give any character in that story any significant depth, so I would probably focus more on ways to help move the story along, which for me would be in the form of descriptions/narration, with some emphasis on dialogue where I can.

Will – I would say one of the biggest sacrifices you have to make is character development and background information. For a shorter story, you have less time to set everything up, needing to get the meat of the story a lot sooner as compared to a longer story or novel. All that really matters is the present, for the most part, and you have fewer pages to introduce your characters and create that meaningful relationship between them and the reader. This can be compromised with dialogue and small but noticeable character quirks. Don’t try to rely too heavily on facts from a character’s past to move the story along, and instead use the current setting and other present characters to keep things going. Remember the past, but think and write in the now.

Highlights Reel:

News / Articles:



Productivity & Inspiration Station:

Discuss any personal highlights and inspirations you wish to share.


  • Recorded several episodes of Game Break
  • Set up Operation TGIF for rest of the year



  • Survived the weekend
  • Pondered my 3 year life plan


  • Putting finishing touches on one paid project, working on another paid project
  • First driving lesson
  • I thought about music at some point in the past week


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ConnectiCon 2016 – July 7-9 – Full crew as vendors

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