In-CON-Ceivable 2015 Convention Story

Nervous. So dreadfully nervous, as I then, and am. But there’s no time for being nervous, it’s convention time! And that’s when I realized Angelo liked me…like liked me, liked me. What do I think o fthis con? I’m not sure what to think of this con quite yet…give me through tonight and we’ll know for sure. That is…if I make to to tonight. It was a dark and stormy night…and the convention was busy. But wait, a newcomer has arrived at the con. Once this weary traveler lifted his mighty pen, his words then pierced through the paper itself.

This con has succeeded my expectations. The sights, the sounds, everything about this convention pointed to one conclusion; when enough passionate nerds got together…they could save the world. Or destroy it…whichever.

Twas the afternoon of the second day who knows what may transpire. Thor belly dancing, after that who knows what you might behold… I must not tell lies. Thor wasn’t done after belly dancing. From there, he visited Anime Jeopardy. Our journey continued and we came to a horrible beast; the horrible ironic Dave Strider beast with beats so sick they made heads explode! KABOOM KABOOM! When the dust of the explosion settled, all the superheroes and monsters and riffraf motley crew emerged to find that a forest had grown through the walls of the hotel. The vines wound around all the columns and lush moss covered the ground. Amidst this tranquil scene, there came a cry of distress from a distance. Everyone went forth to investigate the source and a Tardis was discovered.

Just then…a cat walked in…and by cat, I mean a catgirl. Cons, y’know?

It’s astounding. Time is fleeting. Whether madness takes its toll…that’s up for discussion. Whatever.