Convention Story for Hartford Comic Con ’15

Day One:

It was a bright day in Hartford, when out of nowhere things happened and then more things happened and it went really wrong really fast. Events did not slow down throughout the morning. …why you no worky! This computer is broken.

Hartford, CT is cool for two awesome reasons. One: Hartford Comic Con, and Two: Christina Tplisano was born here up the street near 33 years ago!

I’m awesome!

I have been drawing people’s faces… Scott H

They fill me with the terror. The terror…

Rod Varney was here, what else is there to say or know. Kevin thinks he’s all cool because he knows Leia’s name, but he’s not at all. …also, water is $5.

Day Two:

Despite all belief, it was the last day of the convention, and their lives. Girls flanked everywhere you looked; it was magic upon miracle in this community.

I’m in my uniform, trying to recruit people for the CT ARNG. So far, not much success with this. THere are numerous interesting booths here. Now I have finished my bit here on the typewriter and leave it to the next person to enjoy.

I’m so damn enthused. This is what happens now that MTV plays nothing but crap!

Rebel legion in the house. Leia representing. All you Imperials can go die!