Word Ninjas Live 100: #CTCon 2015 Review & Important Changes

Welcome and join us for episode 100 of Word Ninjas Live! Where we’re going over our ConnectiCon 2015 review, and discussing some important logistics in regards to our various endeavors for the next several months.

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Topic: How did ConnectiCon 2015 go?
Topic Leader: Charles
The Fabulous:

  • Smoothest logistics setup I’ve seen yet. From booth badges, to press badges, to hotel, and parking.
  • The giveaway box – it was so fun to make so many people happy with free books and shiny baubles
  • Having a corner booth was awesome – from more table space, to greater ability to interact with people, to being easily spot-able
  • Seeing so many past friends and fans and meeting so many new friends and fans
  • Got to interview: EA Rappaport & Sal DelGreco, Maurice Lamarche,
  • Was interviewed by: Alistair Book

The Unfortunate:

  • Even with 5 people, we couldn’t do everything. There were just too many panels and events of interest to us.
  • There were some empty booths, which seemed odd. And it was a bit off-putting.
  • There was some kerfluffle over the barcode scanned badges (only two that I personally heard of)

The Complicated:

  • We did a few press things on the fly, as info was either delayed or unclear at the time. That said, the press staff were fabulous and able to answer all questions we tossed their way.
  • Food logistics, as always, were…an adventure.
  • While we more or less avoided River Fest, it’s always interesting when multiple events coincide on the same weekend and location.
  • We had a reality check, which was much needed, but requires a lot of pondering and shuffling about.

Topic: We’re making some changes…
Topic Leader: Charles

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  • Listened to old school WNL to find the core again
  • CTCon 2012 – What is this? | CTCon 2013 – Can we do this? | CTCon 2014 – Should we do this? | CTCon 2015 – How do we do this? | CTCon 2016 – Let’s do this!


  • NSFWN for July completed.
  • ConnectiCon!!!
  • Counterattacking life’s lemons


  • Went to work today; going back tomorrow
  • Airplane tommorrow
  • Tumblr resurgence
  • Cleaned basement
  • Jurassic World: Review


  • AkaiCon promo for Infinity’s Light complete
  • Sorted through 800+ photos from CTCon and got about 400 good ones
  • Battled web site plague and won
  • Started discovering the voice I lost long ago


AkaiCon – August 7-9 – CJ and Calvin attending as press with OTP Manga & FTP crews

In-Con-Ceivable – August 28-30 – Full crew vendors; CJ, Calvin and Justin as press

Hartford ComicCon – September 5-6 – Full crew as vendors, coordinating press logistics

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