Word Ninjas Live 82: Let’s Talk D&D, Writing Words, and Star Wars

Welcome to episode 82 of Word Ninjas Live! This week ’round we’re discussing the dungeons and the dragons, a slew of news to catch up on, a plethora of productivity, and more!

Weekly Conversation Topics:

Each week we bring various discussion topics, what if scenarios, and creative concepts that have arisen over the last week to rant/ramble/bring about.

Topic: Character development time: If your original characters were to play a game of Dungeons and Dragons, or a similar table top style game, what class would they play? Would they be big into roleplaying or push for combat? Would they stick to lore or just be a royal pain in the butt?

Topic Leader: Will

Notes: Believe it or not, how a person plays D&D or similar games says a lot about their own character and personality. Many people put a lot of themselves into their characters, and toying with these questions can help develop some of your own character’s personality and other such quirks.

CJ – Slash: Chaotic Good Fighter/Ranger; Shadow: Neutral Evil Druid; Burn: Chaotic Neutral Mage ; Ivy: Chaotic Neutral Cleric; Adaera: Chaotic Neutral Psion; Kemion: Lawful Evil Warlord – Slash, Ivy, Adaera would break lore/or make it up | Shadow, Burn would have expansive backstories, Kemion would be purposefully helping DM to get a TPK, just to be an ass.

Calvin – Caine would most likely be a Chaotic Good Blood Mage

Highlights Reel:

Tips on writing truthful dialogue
Tips for planning a writing retreat
Why is keeping it canon so important
5 principles of achievement
Publisher revenues are down as ebook buying slows
The power of typography
20 new Star Wars books planned to connect Return of the Jedi to The Force Awakens

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Productivity & Inspiration Station:

Discuss any personal highlights and inspirations you wish to share.


  • :shifty look: I bought six new books (but two were gifts, so those don’t really count) – I’ve missed Hesse’s narrative style that’s approachable despite really diving deep into philosophical and societal concepts.
  • I apparently wrote a damn good blog post for work. (So far, only the designers spotted the LoZ reference though)
  • I’m really flagging on my trilogy despite loving my characters and the situations I have in my head for them. I just can’t seem to get those scenes out of my head and down onto paper. – Might have to try some of the various tips/tricks we always talk about to see if that helps.




  • Went out and purchased a thing to try and organize all of my goings on



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Camp Anime – September 11-13 – Logisticizing

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