Word Ninjas Live 81: Outlines, Productivity, and Bisexual Criminals


Welcome to episode 81 of Word Ninjas live! Tonight, we discuss various representations in media, outlining methods, productivity, and more! Come and talk with us as we go through the week’s worth of discussion topics.

Weekly Conversation Topics:

Each week we bring various discussion topics, what if scenarios, and creative concepts that have arisen over the last week to rant/ramble/bring about.

Topic: Do you ever write self-aware, culturally relevant, and/or societal commentary in your pieces? If so, how and why?
Topic Leader: Charles
Notes: Current generations discuss the importance of various representation in media, from race to gender to sexual identity to religion and many other aspects of society. How can writers acknowledge this and incorporate it into their works, should they choose to do so.

Topic: What outline methods have you used? Which do you prefer?
Topic Leader: Charles
Links:8 Ways to Outline a Novel | The Snowflake Method | The Headlight Method | 25 Ways to Plot, Plan, & Prep Your Story | Four Outlining Methods

Topic: How do you fully take advantage of a “good week”?
Topic Leader: Justin
Notes: Whether you have a lot less on your plate, you are really inspired for some reason, or you are in “the zone,” how do you take advantage of that momentum and how do you keep the train running for as long as possible? At what point do you burn out, and how do you prevent it?

Highlights Reel:

http://www.polygon.com/2015/2/27/8119045/blade-runner-sequel-harrison-ford – Encouraging or are people too jaded care?
http://www.themarysue.com/selina-kyle-is-bisexual/ – surprisingly quick confirmation of character’s sexual preferences.
http://geekculture.co/holy-potatoes-a-weapon-shop-now-live-on-steam-greenlight/ – I wanna play this!
http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2015/03/09/a-death-stephen-king?intcid=mod-yml – Stephen King submits a new short to The New Yorker

A lot of good book recommendations based off of TV Shows

Story Bundle – Special Ops
Humble Bundle – Transformers

Productivity & Inspiration Station:

Discuss any personal highlights and inspirations you wish to share.


  • Achievement unlocked: I interacted with humanity and it kicked ass
  • Pushing my trilogy in scene-sized chunks, because that’s how they’re forming in my head.


  • Completed and posted a short erotica piece, and it was well received.
  • Outlined the next chapter of “Roommate”. I like the direction it’s taking.
  • Sick but still up. Gotta count for something.


  • Started fitness/weight-loss challenge
  • Inspiration frequency at an all time high!
  • Website completed*, pimping has begun




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AkaiCon – August 7-9 – CJ as OTP Manga press?
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Camp Anime – September 11-13 – Discussing viability

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