Plot in 60 Minutes WorkPacket

Everyone has a story in them. But not everyone has time to find that story. Not everyone has motivation to write that story. Not everyone is brave enough to write their story.

As writers, we have the motivation. As writers we find the time. As writers we are brave enough to put down our ideas onto paper.

That said, we all need help and resources sometimes. Time is still previous and hard to come by. Motivation is still fleeting and elusive to pin down for long periods of time. Bravery can waver when we look at all the other activities and obligations in our lives.

That’s where this workpacket is meant to come in handy. With just 10 pages of prompts, this packet is meant to provide the basic outline required for wrtiting a novel length plot.

By just investing 60 minutes, you’ll be able to compile the foundation of your next story.

You don’t have to take it all on at once, but it is advised to do all ten pages in one session so that you don’t lose any momentum.

Here’s a breakdown of how long you should spend on each page:

Character Foundations — Pages 1-3 — Time: 10 Minutes
Story Questions / Opposable Plot Points — Page 4-5 — Time: 15 Minutes
Expanding Your Plot — Pages 6-8 — Time: 20 Minutes
The Grand Finale — Page 9 — Time: 10 Minutes
The Road Goes Ever On — Page 10 — Time: 5 Minutes

Download the PDF version of this work packet here: Plot in 60 Minutes