Word Ninjas Live #7 Shownotes

Shownotes for Word Ninjas Live #7

Literary news:

1. Story Bundle [Doctor Who Bundle]

2. What “Finding Nemo” Can Teach Us About Story Tension

3. An Introvert’s Guide to Writing Conferences


Talking points:

1. What’s an unusual protagonist or perspective you’ve written or read?

2. Are magical systems socially inequal by necessity or by choice?

3. Other than FCWriters products and services, what writing resources do you utilize?


Upcoming Events:

Convention – Connecticut Comiccon (Attendee)

August 24th, 10-8 PM Marriott, Trumbull, CT


Regional Event – FCWG Write-In @ Westport Library

September 14th, 2-5 PM Westport, CT


Workshop – Surviving the Novel Writing Process

October 26th, 2013. 1-5 PM. Location TBD


Writing prompts:

Toss out 13/08/11 prompts for the week

Muse Food for 13/08/11




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