Word Ninjas Live #6 Shownotes

Shownotes forĀ Word Ninjas Live #6

Literary news:
1. Josh Whedon’s Top 10 Writing Tips
2. Learning to Drop the Donkey
3. How 8 Famous Writers Chose Their Pen Names

Talking points:
1. What is your opinion of using dialects and slang in writing? How about when reading it?
2. If you could enter the world of any story, which would it be? Would you be an NPC or an MC?
3. What is the most complex or complicated character you’ve created/worked with?


What have you been reading?
Charles has been reading:
Title: The Awakened Mage by Karen Miller
First sentence: With one callused hand shading his eyes, Asher stood on the Tower’s sandstone steps and watched the touring carriage with its royal cargo and Master Magician Durm bowl down the driveway, sweep around the bend in the road and disappear from sight.
Teaser: The evil foretold has risen…and we are all that stands between it and the end.
Asher has come a long way for a fisherman’s son. Together with his friend Prince Gar, he has defended their kingdom against its bitterest enemy, but at great cost.
Now, the evil mage Morg is preparing for his most deadly assault. And this victory would be particularly sweet-for who better to destroy the kingdom that the two who would give anything to save it?
Author URL: Karen Miller – http://www.karenmiller.net/

Upcoming Events:
FCWG Write-In @ Darien Library
August 10th, 2-5PM

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