Word Ninjas Live #4 Shownotes

Shownotes for Word Ninjas Live #4

Literary news:
The Write Life
C. J. Henderson
What Sharknado can teach us about writing

Muse Food:
This week’s writing prompts
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Upcoming events:
World Building Workshop – 6/27, La Quinta Hotel, 116 Newtown Rd, Danbury CT 06810 – 2-6PM. Hosted by FCW, MC’d by Justin Isaacs.
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Will / Darkhom
Author of: My Roommate’s a Stripper (NSFW)

Sailor Midnyght / Ed
Author of many a fanfics (NSFW)

Calvin Williams
Web designer for the rich and infamous
IT extraordinaire – TheWebmaster@FCWriters.com
Digital Media Editor of Riffraf